Schedule of Fees


Overdraft Transfer from share or MM account $2.00
 Courtesy Pay/Overdraft/NSF (each)  $35.00
 DBA /Business Checking Account monthly service charge   $10.00
 DBA /Business Checking Account per check charge  $0.10
 Interim Statement History / Statement Copy  $2.50
 Returned Item (deposited items returned unpaid)  $20.00
 Rolled coin if amount exceeds $21.00  7%
 Stop Payment draft or teller check per item  $25.00
 Teller check (Online/Teller 24)  $2.00
 Teller check (each in branch)  $4.00
 Temporary check (each)  $0.50
 Fees printed statement (each) 
eStatements are now available.  Using eStatements enables you to avoid the $2 printed statement fee.
 Bad Address (per month)  $5.00
 Dormant Member Account (per  month) No Threshold  $10.00
 Low Balance Fee (per month)  $10.00*
 ATM Monthly Service Charge  $5.00
 ATM Withdrawal - Other ATM Networks  $2.00
      (no fees for withdrawal using Presto or Co-op Networks) 
 Card Replacement  $10.00
 Inquiries - Account Balance   $1.50
 Transfer funds between Share & Draft  $1.50
 Abandoned Property Fee   $20.00
 Reopen Account Fee   $25.00
 Collection items (incoming or outgoing)  $10.00
 Garnishment/Levies  $50.00
 Loan Late Payment (consumer)  $25.00
 Member VISA/MC Cash Advance Fee  $5.00
 Member VISA/MC Loan/Credit Card Payment Fee  $5.00
 Non-member VISA/MC Cash Advance Fee  $7.00
 Money Order (members only)  FREE
 On Us Check Cashing (non-member / under $500)  $5.00
 On Us Check Cashing (non-member / over $500)  1%
 Overnight Delivery (plus carrier fee)  $8.00
 Photocopy of check (per check)  $2.00
 Reconciliation & Research (min 1 hr charge)   $30.00
 Shared Branch Transactions (per transaction)  $3.00
 Shared Branch Teller Check (each)  $7.00
 Shared Branch Money Orders  $3.00
 Western  Union transfers (plus Western Union fee)  $25.00
 Wire Transfer 
         Incoming  $10.00
         Outgoing  $30.00

*Account must have an average daily balance of $300 or more monthly. 6 month grace period for all new accounts. Fee waived for primary account members 18 and under.

NOTICE REGARDING ATM FEES BY OTHERS: If you use an automated teller machine outside of the Presto and Co-Op Networks you may be charged a surcharge fee by the owner of the machine.